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Mos Generator Review
THE MOS GENERATOR: “The Late Great Planet Earth” (Self Release) Hailing from Port Orchard, Washington State, The Mos Generator is a hybrid of quite a few influences, from early '90s Amp/Reptile to SST to doom to stoner to '70’s psych/ prog rock. The result of their efforts is a forty five minute long disc called “The late great planet earth” which so happens to be a quite solid effort. Most importantly of all, the songs are finely and intelligently crafted to be original while at the same time being immediately and subsequently endearing. I’ve no doubt you could pick out a different influence each time you listen. That by no means detracts from this offering, which grows on me spin after spin. The song writing here is absolutely first rate, with plenty of variety between the screaming monster cuts like “Six billion people dead” (Big Elf in a nuclear fight with 3 Mile Pilot) and the Monster Magnet-like “Opium skies” or the gargantuan Fatso Jetson on Crimsonlevel- titlesong or the tasty instrumental “Fall of megiddo” (an album highlight for sure with fantastic wailing guitarwork). So TMG never get boring or fall back on clichéd playing or ideas.There is simply TOO much depth here to go into.

If you're tired of average, thirteen in a dozen bands that are all alike, The Mos Generator is definitely for you.

“The Late Great Planet Earth” is scheduled for release on February/March via the fantastic labelNasoni Recordsin Europe and via South Spit Records in USA.



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