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Daas, Tom, Mike, and Johnny met in high school in Wanatchee Washington. They met Joel later when he moved there from... shit, I forget....somewhere else in Washington. Johnny played guitar in the band for a while, roughly 14 shows but somebody hurt their hand and either thats why he filled in or thats why he left. Now Johnny plays with the original drummer from the Wipers in another really cool band called Morgan Grace. So they moved to Portland about... ummm...6(?) years ago and picked up Timmy somewhere along the way. Timmy's girlfriend likes to get drunk and show you her boobs but that may be irrelevant.

Lopez has toured all over the country and played shows with too many bands to count on their fingers, their toes, and any other appendage you may or may not want to encounter.

Their music is fucking great and they're good guys though they're getting kinda old...I mean, c'mon guys...you ARE getting up there. They just recorded a new cd with Jack Endino (hello? he recorded the first Nirvana album people...) and they are in post-production of their first music video. So check out these mp3s of my two favorite songs from their first album. The new one is going to be killer. holy crap.

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